Our Beliefs
Instructional Beliefs and Methods The school respects the rights of all students, without distinction. All students have the right to learn, regardless of their various levels of ability. All students are capable of learning. All students are entitled to equal opportunities and a safe motivating environment in which to learn. The quality of each learning experience, and not the quantity of knowledge amassed, should be the focus of all instructional sessions. Helping students build the skills and strategies to attain knowledge, and the interest and desire to do so, is the crux of all teaching endeavors. This must be achieved by building strong, healthy relationships between students and educators, as well as by guiding the students’ growth and development towards building life-long learning skills.


الوطن يحتاج أكثر من جغرافيا نتعلمها لنعشقه ونرتبط به يحتاج حب وانتماء….
لنغرق فيه ونعطيه ونعيش كل حالاته وانفعالاته

رنا بيتموني

مديرة الوطنية


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